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These pictures were taken in May 2011 at one of my rental properties; showing my very first attempt at building MonsterFence™.

     My name is Ricardo Alonso, President of R.A. Products Company Inc.  I personally have been providing construction related services locally for over 35 years; once carrying a Class B general contractor license among many other licenses.  I am a home owner, income property owner, entrepreneur, inventor, visionary, and native from Denver.  I'm very proud to say that I have no substantial criminal record to report including no felonies.   

     Every job I’ve performed of the years either for myself or for any customer has results in nothing less than my very best effort.  No one person or company has ever taken me to court for any job incomplete, substandard effort, or criminal action, period.  Truly I can't recount the number of customers that I've been honored to serve.

     Having built numerous fences over the years always with my very best perceived effort, recently I began to realize all that these fences were failing and now need replacement AGAIN!  This realization began with the observation of my own fences that I personally constructed many years ago.  Again, at the time I personally believed that I was building these fences with my very best effort which included pressure treated cedar posts,  the standard known for all these years.

     Now, determined that I never wanted to rebuild my failing fences ever again, as an inventor and visionary I became obsessed to create a fence that quite possibly could stand along with the life of the house.  I present today my original concept...  MonsterFence™ .  In my opinion this is the strongest residential standard privacy fencing that can be achieved.

      Truly, I care not if I ever sell a  MonsterFence™  to a single person.  It's only my mission to show the consuming public and fellow builders my new standard in fence construction.  I hope that when anyone considers having a privacy fence rebuilt, just compare your existing job to my MonsterFence™.  You will find that there is no comparison...  "KOMF'' or "Keep Objective My Friend!"

     If anyone does finds my concepts useful, kindly credit me fairly for giving you a great idea.  This includes that you respect now, my soon patent pending "Chain Link Gate w/ Wooden Pickets and Optional Pet Window".  As I stated, any quality company and even a home owner can build a MonsterFence™ , please let me show how to build one.  The bottom line is that I'm mostly interested in offering my patents, trademarks, and copyrights to everyone; I don't need to build fences I just need to teach others then maybe my company can direct a new coalition.

More to come...


Attention Fence Builders: Trademark Licensing is Available

For more info call Ricardo @ 303-742-9551

Please note that these pages are changing everyday, so always use your "Refresh" (F5) button when revisiting.


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