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Attention fellow cedar fence builders... let's create a coalition for MonsterFence™ 


     Our specialty is 6' cedar privacy fencing.  Only by the proper tools, experience, and desire can any quality company and even a home owner build a MonsterFence™As a competitor builder, you certainly don't need us to contribute towards your success.  However, you will need our authorization to call your product a  MonsterFence™.  This includes the use of our copyrighted and soon patent pending "Chain Link Gate w/ Wooden Pickets and Optional Pet Window".  Be aware that we will aggressively defend our copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

     As a builder you should immediately understand the intensive work effort to create a MonsterFence™.  However, respectfully how can you estimate a reasonable linear foot charge until you build one?  Because of the substantial labor involved, MonsterFence™  only creates a niche market.  No other company or homeowner has ever shown anything similar in any other 6' cedar privacy fence design; therefore we can say that we are the original MonsterFence™. 

     Certainly there are other wooden fence options, however these might be considered as "premium" fences including combinations of cedar, brick, and even wrought iron.  Indeed these are extremely beautiful fences though I'm sure you'll agree not considered a "standard" for fencing.  We consider MonsterFence™  to be a "superior standard" fence.  Ours can't and won't ever compete with any other standard fence.

     Let's create a new market... offer customers your standard fence, then offer them an authorized MonsterFence™  that you build at a premium price!  I'll help you bid and build the first one, then you take if from there and I'll focus on advertising our trademark.

     So, may I suggest that if and when your customers begin to compare your standard fence and lineal price to a MonsterFence™, rather then tell him that you can build one that is "similar", instead advise that you are an authorized "original" MonsterFence™  builder.  Also, if you're interested in becoming a sales rep... please let's talk linear ft.!

     I invite everyone to come and see a MonsterFence™ for yourself.  This also applies to any home owner who might be thinking of doing it yourself; we'll help you.  This is not rocket science, just a labor of precise and intensive effort.  We have all the tools and experience to show you how to best price and build one.  If we authorize you to build a fence to our specification, then we will gladly identify it as an original MonsterFence™ .


Ricardo Alonso


More to come...


For more info call Ricardo @ 303-742-9551

Please note that these pages are changing everyday, so always use your "Refresh" (F5) button when revisiting.


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