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     Our specialty is 6' cedar privacy fencing; the most common for complete enclosure of backyards.  The true beauty, value and security of a wooden privacy fence are only as good as its foundation.  Certainly, a new wooden privacy fence is a stunning thing to see.  But it seems that only after a few years it starts to bend and lean, some pickets become loose and fall; the gates start to drag, etc…

     Then, within a few more years the wooden posts begin to loosen as they’ve been rotting all this time; the gates don’t work anymore; some entire panels have fallen and are now leaning against the others… and the next thing you know ITS TIME TO BUY ANOTHER FENCE!   WTF?

      At MonsterFence™ we offer “foundational fences” suggesting the strongest barrier for security, wind, weather, impact, nuisance wildlife, and easiest maintenance.  A foundational fence is build unlike any other.  Here’s our process:


1. MonsterFence™ is set onto the original property line irregardless of old fencing!

     Have you ever noticed a new fence running along an old fence on the same a property line?  This is because for most fence companies it’s simply easier to do than remove the old fence especially the old post cement caissons. 

     The problem is that the small section of ground now between the new and old fences is hard to keep clean from litter and trimmed from weeds and saplings, soon to become overgrown and unsightly.

     We remove all fencing, nuisance trees and shrubs if necessary, and the old post concrete caissons too.




2. MonsterFence™ posts are heaviest wall steel pipes filled with cement!

     If you need of a new fence no doubt it’s due to rotted posts.  Even highly recommended cedar posts have as little a life span of 5 years.   Other options are galvanized steel posts that too have been known to corrode.

     What is known is that posts create the basic structure to hold throughout the life of the fence.  Then why not make them from some of the strongest possible material available?  

     MonsterFence™ posts are schedule 40 heavy wall pipe filled with cement similar to those used as traffic barriers; set an average 20-24" deep; encased in 4,000 psi concrete; then painted w/ rust converter similar to public playground equipment.

     With our system, we can finish your fence with any panel or picket style you choose, even finish it from both sides.  Also note that MonsterFence™  entire panels can be replaced and changed out anytime!



3. MonsterFence™ connects all posts with a concrete foundational wall!

      A cement foundational wall is poured normally 12” wide by at least 4” thick linking all posts together.  The wall contains an over-lapping stick of 1/2” rebar running along the face of each post.  Furthermore, we mix a 4,000 to 5,000 psi Portland rich cement blend for maximum strength. 

      The wall and caissons created by the posts help prevent the entire fence from shifting due to creeping ground.  The wall also keeps shrubs, weeds, and saplings away from the fence so no trimming is required.  Finally, no urban wildlife nor your dog will ever dig under a MonsterFence™!

     In the future, if you ever decide to change the wooden pickets of your fence, the posts and foundational wall should not need replacing and maybe only fall when the house finally does!





4. MonsterFence™ rails are kiln dried treated pine attached with lag screws and lock washers!

     This topic always creates interesting discussions.  Experts mostly all say that the best rail is cedar which is resistant to decay.  Some recommend pressure treated pine although it tends to twist after installation.

    The bottom line is that any wood will decay including cedar and even pressure treated pine, however mostly when not allowed to dry such as when buried in the ground like a fence post. 

     MonsterFence™  rails are hand selected super-straight "kiln dried yellow pine" 2x4's.  We treat them ourselves using heavy petroleum containing paraffin.  Although the rails do get wet from rain and snow, because they're hanging they are in fact naturally dry most of the time.  We've never experience any rotting of our rails... stay tuned if we determine a better rail.

     Finally, in our opinion MonsterFence™ kiln dried yellow pine 2x4 rails are much stronger than cedar.  Just know that houses are built with them and not cedar!


5. MonsterFence™ pickets are installed w/ hot-dipped galvanized ring-shank nails at opposing angles and corners; six per picket!

     Aren’t fasteners all the same you might ask? The answer is that they are very different in many ways; variables include shaft thickness, shaft type, plated, etc…

      When using nails, every other company installs them in a straight line, perpendicular to the surface of the picket.  Over time this allows the pickets to be easily “popped off”, often with an easy smack of the fist.

     Hot-dipped galvanized ring-shank nails at opposing angles and corners requires first the removal of the nails before the picket can be properly taken off.  This takes advantage of the entire grain strength of the rail.  Often, the picket is broken into pieces before the nails give! 

     Again, this simple fence nailing concept has never been demonstrated nor even discussed before, until now where you see it for the first time on a MonsterFence™ .  If your contractor suggests it you'll know where it came from!  If we're wrong, kindly inform and this claim will be amended.

     We can also install screws if preferred however in our opinion this might be overkill.




6. MonsterFence™ gates combine two types in a new patent pending; chain link and wooden picket pickets w/ optional pet window!

     Let's face it... wooden gates suck!  They tend to only work properly for a few years then fall out of alignment and start to drag.  That's because the frame is wood; you're lucky if it's held together by screws but usually just nails.  Gates are actually doors the need to function by precision.

     MonsterFence™ gates start with a reliable  commercial grade chain link gate w/ welded frame; overlaid w/ wooden pickets w/ carriage bolts; deck screws trimmed w/ solid brass washers; finally the hinges are welded onto the posts.  Note the lack of visible hardware from the outer-side creating the cleanest possible appearance ever seen on a wooden gate!

     We believe that our process is not only protected by copyright, it's also deserving of a design patent and maybe even a utility patent.  Kindly note that we will aggressively defend our copyrights, patents, and trademarks. 

     We offer a $1,000 bounty for information leading to anyone caught stealing my rights to include full prosecution.  At a minimum, criminal copyright theft is a misdemeanor with fines to $25,000 and up to one year imprisonment plus costs.  Please let's avoid your costly lawsuit, criminal prosecution, and embarrassment!

     How can this statement be made you ask?   Because I'm Ricardo Alonso the owner of numerous patents, inventions, and trademarks.  Here's some of my stuff... see ; see



7. MonsterFence™ can be finished your using your choice quality distillates for longest life!

     There are many different types of finishes, however in our opinion the best remains the oldest known and perhaps the least expensive... heavy petroleum oil based.

     The finish in these pics was entirely oil based, shown next to unfinished fencing for comparison.  In fact it actually contains motor oil and paraffin which gives the wood the rich color; an old technique however still very effective. 

     The oil coat beautifies, preserves, and allows for easier maintenance in graffiti prone areas.  The wax also makes the fence somewhat slick and maybe more difficult to climb by a trespasser.

     After applied and allowed to soak in for a day, the fence is power-washed including a detailed soap scrubbing of the chain link gates and hardware.

     Remember,  this is not a piece of indoor furniture; it's a MonsterFence™  meant to stand with the life of the house!

PS- Never, ever paint a fence as you will be into a frickin' maintenance nightmare for the rest of your frickin' life!














8. MonsterFence™ might be the last one your house will ever need, period!

     We guaranteed superior quality materials and workmanship.  Just compare every feature of a MonsterFence™  to understand the difference.

     When your builder tells you that there is no reason for a MonsterFence™ ask them why?  Comparatively, how long will their fence stand?  If they argue with you just call me and I'll educate them. 

     Admittedly, MonsterFence™ isn't for every homeowner simply because it costs more.  We will not build an average fence which is absolutely poised for failure and replacement; I'll leave this to all the other fence companies.

     Here's an idea: on a shared property line split the cost with your neighbor and we'll finish it on both sides w/ overlapping panels and a property line passage gate.  Remember, both home owners will absolutely benefit and appreciate a shared lifetime MonsterFence™!

     Regardless, if you don't ever want to redo your fence accept for this one last time, a MonsterFence™ might be the last one your house will ever need, period!


MonsterFence brand is superior quality "foundational" privacy fences for discriminating residences!


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Please note that these pages are changing everyday, so always use your "Refresh" button (F5) when revisiting.


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